void-of-tranquility asked:

Do you or anyone know about this video game that was basically you had a dragons egg and you had to hatch it and then raise the dragon afterward? I can't remember and it's driving me nuts >.>

fuckyeah1990s answered:

Not sure. Maybe my followers might know?

Yooo are you talking about Dragon Lord? You breed dragons and takeover towns with them and stuff. Maybe this screenshot can jog your memory?




Discussion of cosplay usually concerns the creation of awesome costumes. But some people don’t need to use a single piece of fabric, fiberglass, Wonderflex or EVA foam to create a spectacular look. Such is the case with Alexys Fleming, aka MadeYewLook, a completely self-taught make-up artist who can completely transform herself into anyone or anything using make-up, thoughtful lighting and sometime contact lenses and the occasional homemade headpiece or hat. Each character is so well-realized that some of the photos require a good long stare in order to find Lex’s actual facial features. And some of them are truly terrifying.

MadeYewLook also posts excellent tutorials on both her Facebook page and her YouTube channel. Even if you don’t want to try your hand at personal transformation with makeup, be sure to visit both her Facebook and YouTube accounts simply to check out many more of her incredible cosplay creations.

[via Kotaku Cosplay]