Normally I’m opposed to putting someone’s real name on the internet, but fuck this guy in the worst way. I was so shocked by this feed my roommate showed me that I had to share it.

This is still bullshit that is going on. There are still people that think and act like this. I’m disgusted by this shit fuck and anyone that thinks like this.

Fucking A.



Favorite episode by far!


spaceparty asked:

Your coverage of Ferguson has been so useful and great and I just want to thank you for spending the time to compile all the tweets and information that you've shared because it's been a wonderful and much appreciated resource.

iwriteaboutfeminism answered:

I really appreciate you saying that. I’m exhausted


In case you haven’t already seen it come through your dashboard, iwriteaboutfeminism is doing a fine job of rounding up on-the-ground coverage of the events in Ferguson.

Pair this with links from the venerable shortformblog, fantastic as usual.